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The wheels are turning

I seriously can’t believe we’re already so far into November. It didn’t even creep up… just kind of went BAM! and I’m seeing Christmas decorations everywhere. The best part of the build-up to the holidays is always the commercialism. Some people hate it but damn those jingle bells and aggressive retailers make me warm and fuzzy inside. And who doesn’t love the Christmas specials from Starbucks? PEPPERMINT MOCHA!

I made a pilgrimage to Waterloo last┬álast weekend to celebrate Halloween with friends and sort of take a break from work, study, work, study. I will point out that I still got some studying done there. In any case, it was quite the weekend. Never experienced so much drama in my life. As for the rest of the week, it wasn’t that exciting, though I did get to have some one-on-one dinner/drinks with a few peeps. Everyone’s schedules are ridiculously packed these days, so I’m grateful for those pockets of time.

Saturday I sat my lazy ass home all day and mainly just procrastinated. I’d read one paragraph and decide that I deserved a break. So now I am caught up on all my TV shows. Sunday, in an effort to semi-redeem myself, I headed to UTSC and met up with some fellow nerds to study. We grabbed dinner at Sapporo, a Japanese restaurant in the plaza beside my house. In all my 10 or so years of living in this neighbourhood, I had never eaten at that particular place. It’s one of those things that are always there but you never notice it until you’re looking for it, or someone else points it out. We split two platters, and the food wasn’t bad, but after about three hours, I was hungry already. This week hasn’t been too eventful but we have made some strides with regards to vacation planning.

So what else is up? I guess in addition to the main things I’ve been whining to people about (work, job search, CFA), there are some other interesting/fun developments/projects I’ve taken up, just to keep myself from falling into a pit of despair. So far they have been doing a good job of preserving my ever-fleeting sanity. Guess you could say I’m stirring up a little something-something for myself. I probably have too much on my plate, but I LOVE the┬áhecticness of keeping busy. After all, what else is there to do with life but live it?