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Long time no see, my darlings! I thought it’d be a good time to change things up a bit, for a simpler (and hopefully faster-loading) theme.

It’s been busy with work and study, so there’s not too much to say, except that I’m really looking forward to post-exam time. In fact I’ve already made a list of things I would like to do this summer (but definitely not limited to):

  • Wander down Queen St West and pilfer through vintage/thrift shops
  • Have a picnic in Scarborough Bluffs (with Lunchables…omnomnom)
  • Visit High Park during cherry blossom season
  • Walk along a beach at sunset (and a lot of beach-ing in general)
  • Buy and construct a 1000+ piece puzzle
  • Play a crapload of boardgames
  • Read a ton of books I’ve been missing out on
  • Camping, including hiking pretty nature areas (campsite’s been booked already!)
  • Get a lot of exercise
  • Frequent patios just to chill
  • Go to concerts/musicals/exhibitions, as my workplace is pretty close to entertainment/theatre district

I am open to suggestions and/or interested participants in any of the above! Hope you guys are all enjoying the spring weather. Also hopefully I will have more interesting things to blog once this exam is out of the way. I am pretty much going to be a major party-pooper until then.