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Monkeys, McDonald’s, and moving

I’m trying to recount the highlights of the past week, so excuse my grouping-everything-into-one-post laziness here. Last Saturday we were blessed with some very nice weather (22 and sunny!) so a group of us exchange students decided to check out Monkey Hill, Kam Shan Country Park, in northern Kowloon where macaques run around and attack people who feed them.

I thought it would be a nice stroll along a paved path, just with monkeys everywhere. Apparently I did not receive the memo about a 4-hour hike up and down a mountain. With a lot of stairs. And narrow pathways which were essentially cliffsides. I wore jeans and a thin sweater. Subsequently, I was sweating my ass off by mid-afternoon. Though I must say the scenic vistas made up for it.

A monkey couple grooming (monkey photos courtesy of Diane's Facebook :D)

Our first monkey encounter was when we just got off the bus. The monkeys are not scared of humans at all, so it’s quite easy to get close to them. Near the beginning of the hiking trail, our path was blocked by two monkeys having a moment, one picking bugs off the other. I wanted to observe for a bit, so I watched them. They stared back and suddenly one hissed at me. I prepared to make a run for it, and it actually grabbed my pant leg. Thankfully it let go and I jogged ahead towards our group. This didn’t really help instill confidence that I wouldn’t die a monkey-related death, but I was more preoccupied with making sure I didn’t fall off the path edge (fear of heights anyone?).

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