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Serena vs. Robin

I don’t usually do posts like this, but as you might be able to tell, I kind of have no life these days and hence am running low on blog ideas. So the other day I was watching Gossip Girl (“How to Succeed in Bassness”) and drooling over Serena van der Woodsen’s (played by Blake Lively) a-ma-zing top:

"Damn straight this shirt is awesome"

"You did NOT just diss the shirt... Dress... Thing."

It’s a Nanette Lepore Darjeeling Dress in Ebony. I think the design is really fun and suits her physique and personality quite well. (Then again, it’s Blake Lively. She can wear a tye-dyed tablecloth and still look hot. As long as you don’t focus on her face.)

So then the other other day I was watching How I Met Your Mother (“Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap”), and what do you know, Robin Scherbatsky (played by Cobie Smulders) is working the Plum version:


Barney has a great expression here


Screw Call of Duty, I want *that* game for Christmas

I don’t usually notice the fashion behind TV shows, but the bead pattern on the front is so gorgeously distinct. This of course prompted me to squee like a fangirl then sigh wistfully over how well both of these leading ladies strutted their stuff. I must be starting to take a fancy towards all things shiny, bejeweled, sparkly, glittery, sequined, and embellished.

I am a bit divided on this. I like the rich plum colour a lot more, but I wish Robin wore her hair up (just this once, come on!) to show off the flattering neckline cut. Serena did, but that frizz in her lazy ponytail kinda makes it seem like she’s fresh off a toasting session on the electric chair. Penny Poll for your thoughts?

Who better razzles your dazzle?

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Things I do to keep myself amused while studying

A non-comprehensive list:

  • Sing Disney songs.
  • Daydream about what to do with my freedom after the exam.
  • Stare outside my window and wonder why the hell my backyard neighbour needs three satellite dishes:


  • Practice my signature.
  • Read MLIA, TFLN and FML on my phone.
  • Admire how great of a hair day I’m having, lament how there’s nobody to witness it except my family who couldn’t give two shits about the state of my coif.
  • Read things in a British accent. Everything sounds more legit with a British accent.
  • Fawn over the adorableness of Chuck & Blair and John Krasinski & Emily Blunt:
(Fictitious couple) Chuck Bass + Blair Waldorf.

(Fictitious couple) Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf

(Real-life couple) John Krasinski + Emily Blunt

(Real-life couple) John Krasinski & Emily Blunt

  • Write disapproving remarks in the margins about the textual content.
  • Experience Tetris effect without actually playing Tetris.
  • Recalculate how much reading I need to accomplish per day given the time remaining, fully aware that I’m not going to stick to schedule anyways.
  • Wonder if people actually use pipe cleaners to clean pipes.
  • Recall hilarious scenes from The Office and chuckle to myself.
  • Sketch:
I like drawing fluffy hair curls.

I like drawing fluffy hair curls.

  • Try to invent new pen-spinning techniques, drop my pen everywhere, give up, accept that I will never be as 1337 as these guys.
  • Draw anime poop in the margins of my books and label it as “gross margin”. (I know, I’m such a hoot.)
  • Make lists about things I do to keep myself amused while studying.