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Why school is out to screw me

I don’t think school has ever hated me so much. For some reason, this term I am having so many administrative issues, and it’s giving me a lot of unnecessary stress.

  1. Late final exam. Usually, WLU ends their exam period at the same time, if not earlier than UW. I saw that the last day of exams for Waterloo was April 24th, and Spring term starts on May 4th. So back in February, I started planning out an end-of-term week-long cruise trip with some friends. Then the actual exam schedule for UW came out. I checked, and everything was fine. Then, the WLU exam schedule came out. And what do you know, I have a final exam on April 27th, leaving me an entire week to study for it, but also only 5 days between the end of this term and beginning of next. So basically I had to cancel the whole cruise thing, leaving me very agitated and depressed.

    WHAT THE FUCK! This retardedness also led to the consequence of…

  2. Being homeless. Due to a housing policy, I am required to vacate residence within 24 hours of my last final exam. UW’s exams officially end on April 24th, and my last UW exam is April 20th, so this would not have been a problem. However, thanks to freaking stupid Laurier, my last exam is on the 27th, so I would need to extend my residence stay for a few days. I checked out the housing website and it said:

    No extensions will be granted beyond the final date on your residence contract (Saturday, April 25th).

    I email UW Housing for a reality check. Surely (and totally unswiftly) they reply me with:

    Unfortunately I cannot extend your stay past April 25th.

    I went to the Laurier undergrad office to see if maybe I can move my last exam to an earlier date. The lady asked where I lived. I told her Toronto. She said “then you can come back from Toronto and write it.” BITCH! BITCHHH! I do NOT pay these people $3k/term for them to screw me over like this! So bottom line is I am homeless in Waterloo from April 25-27.


  3. Work report marking. Every co-op term, I am required to write a work term report (WTR), and it is to be graded by my supervisor and also UW Math Undergraduate Office (MUO). Somewhat annoying, but not a big deal. If you fail (usually grammar issues), you are required to schedule a 30-minute appointment with your marker who will help you correct all your errors and tell you to rewrite a certain chunk of your report. This is usually very easy, as they tell you exactly what to fix, and as long as you hand it in, you will be given a pass on your transcript. In first year, I failed because I kept making the same one grammatical mistake and also because I did not follow the formatting strictly enough (ie. my “p” in “prepared by” was capitalized when it should have been lowercase). Yes, believe it or not, these people are more anal than I am.

    This term, I handed in my work report, and everything was hunky-dory until I got an email:

    The work report you submitted has received a grade of ‘Unsatisfactory’. Please come to the Mathematics Undergraduate Office as soon as possible, to pick up your work report and arrange for a mandatory tutorial session.

    Okay, fine. I guess it was my fault because I really half-assed this one. It’s my last work report, and I was just aiming for a pass. My content really sucked, and I was probably not being picky enough at 5am as I was finishing it up. I went to MUO to pick it up and made an appointment for Monday morning. Later on, I looked at my marking rubrik and they had actually given me a “Good”, ie. a pass. I kind of wondered why I still needed to schedule an appointment.

    I had stayed up quite late on Sunday, finishing an assignment, but dragged my tired ass to MC the next morning anyways (there is a fee for missed WTR tutorials). I got there, waited around and bit, and when my marker still did not show up, went to MUO to ask what the holdup was. They told me she was actually sick and so I had to reschedule. Grudgingly, I checked off Friday morning. Thursday was another late night for me and again I didn’t sleep much. In addition, I had a midterm on Friday afternoon. I went to my tutorial anyways. My marker was still sick, but some other lady was there to cover for her.

    She went through about 60% of my report with me, all the while commenting things like “I don’t know why she failed you… you don’t have nearly that many issues” and “I feel bad because I’ve passed students with a lot more errors than you”. So as she was finishing up, she asked if I had any additional questions. I asked why I was given a “Good”, yet still failed. She looked at the marking scheme and was surprised to see my final evaluation. She then went over to the MUO to investigate why I was asked to schedule a tutorial session. They checked their records, and it turns out someone made an admin mistake. I didn’t fail, didn’t need to have a tutorial, and don’t need to re-write the report.


  4. Exam conflict. I’ve never had exam conflicts before. Usually they are spaced out decently. This term, however, the academic Gods decided to fuck with me and schedule my two worst subjects on the same day at the same time. Normally this would result in a student having to fill out an exam conflict form, handing it in to the Registrar’s Office, and writing the two exams one hour apart that day, in a separate room. This is quite common, and considering I have a week to study for both exams, I just have to really step up my game. Nonetheless, the prospect of Accounting and CO on the same day still makes me want to piss my pants.

    I fill out the exam conflict form, and went to the UW Registrar’s Office today to hand it in. The lady at the counter glances at it and tells me that the deadline has passed and it is now “strictly between you and the prof”, meaning I’d have to speak with my professors to see if they are willing to accommodate. This wouldn’t have been so bad if:

    1. My CO prof didn’t think I was retarded because I have been bombing assignments and midterms like no tomorrow, and
    2. My Accounting prof didn’t think I was retarded because:
      1. On the first case assignment, my partner became deathly ill and actually had to go back to Markham to see her family doctor. So I was sort of left alone to work on a case study meant for 3 people. I emailed the prof about this situation and he gave me an extension, but I handed it in on time anyways and got 70% (class average was 80%).
      2. I got sick and couldn’t write my midterm so now my final is worth 75%.
      3. If I have another issue with the final exam, he’s probably just going to think I’m an irresponsible moron who likes to find any excuse for extensions/deferrals/conflicts.

    In any case, I really started to panic. Also, I got really angry because:

    1. There was no deadline specified on the Registrar site. You can see there is an exam relief deadline, but none for conflicts.
    2. Why the hell should there be a deadline for conflicts anyways? Sometimes modifications are made to the exam schedule, and conditions change. This is really not under the student’s control at all.

    I left the building seething, and marched to the library to print off some notes. While I was there, I sent a very angry email to the Registrar’s Office, demanding to know this so-called “deadline” date, as there wasn’t one on the site. I came back home, and received a reply:

    Someone at the front counter may have been confused, because it is too late to qualify for exam relief, but if you have overlapping exams, something can still be done.

    So essentially, the stupid lady at the counter is illiterate, and I have to go back there and hand in my form again.


That is my rant about academic issues that shouldn’t even be happening. As if my courses this term haven’t been giving me enough shit already, it’s like both schools teamed up to test my sanity tipping point. EFFMYLIFE. AND FUCK STUPID INCOMPETENT ADMIN BASTARDS. I HATE SCHOOL.