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Feeling the squeeze

The Promised Land is kind of a letdown for over-achievers these days. As the NYT article puts it,

Members of this generation have lived their lives like track stars trying to run a marathon at the pace of a 100-meter dash — their parents typically waiting at every turn with a stopwatch.

And it’s like the biggest reality check you can have thrown in your face. All that hard work, just to… move back in with your parents? Ugh. FIX IT!

Should I be freaking out?

We all know that the economy’s tanking and we’re all going to hell. The American financial sector has been, for lack of a better term, totally PWNED (by itself), and its repercussions have been felt across the globe. Last week, Citigroup slashed 50,000 jobs, which is freakin’ insane. FIFTY THOUSAND!! And today they’ve got a bailout on the way. Even with all these government injections, we’re not going to be seeing a recovery anytime in the near future.

As a student, I haven’t experienced any direct negative impact just yet. I still have my co-op job, and despite being a bit busier than usual at work, life goes on as always. I still have two years of school before being thrown into the workforce. Therefore I haven’t really thought about what I would do if I actually can’t find a decent job at graduation. I’ve always just kind of taken a “things will turn out alright” approach to life.

That being said, is it time to worry? Are you worried? About your job, your finances…etc? Should I be questioning my future, flailing my arms, and having panic attacks? Is it time for me to accept the reality?

On another (less desolate) note, you might have noticed a layout change. I think this one’s much more functional, and it saves an extra click on the first page because it displays full posts. I made some minor tweaks, including making the text area wider, so apologies to you all with the archaic 800×600 resolutions :P