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This term has been crazy

So before reading week, I went clubbing and karaoke-ing a couple times, maybe averaging about twice a month. After reading week, school just really picked up and things got super intense. I’ve been pulling allnighters left and right, and my sleep schedule is completely messed up. To compensate, I think I’ve been using workload as an excuse to party harder.

Last last Friday was the fashion show and afterparty, the Wednesday after that was Jinhui’s birthday. We tried to go to a gay club, but it was completely empty, so we ended up at Roxxanne’s… a local strip club. Just because we’ve never been. I was surprised as to how many women were actually there as spectators. There was a wet t-shirt contest that night, and some girl with fake boobs won. I lost more hope in humanity.

Last Friday I went to Sausage Party, a house party hosted by some friends and sort of reunited with CASA people. It got so crowded and loud that the cops came, and by 1am, the underage people had for the most part filtered out. I stayed until about 1:30 then went off to K-Zone until about 3:00, then for some food at Mel’s. By then our group had somehow dwindled to 6 people. As we were coming out of Mel’s, there was a fistfight between my friend and some random dude. I was pretty freaked out, but we were able to safely vacate the premises.

This past Friday, I went to Video Games Live. It was sooooo awesome and epic and blah blah blah what Krishna said. If they’re in Kitchener/Toronto next year, I’d love to go again. After we got back, I went to Mark’s place “just for some drinks” because it had been a pretty rough week (STUPID CO SONOFABITCHHHH). We started playing Kings and suddenly the “some drinks” turned into crazy 151 shots. People got pretty hammered, some hilarious shit went down, and once again there was an injury (nonintentional).

In any case I’ve definitely shot my diet/workout regime all the way to hell. I’m finding this correlation between school/work frustration and need to consume alcohol. I understand bankers now. And I have 4 assignments/midterms due this week, so hmm…