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I freaking love lamb

Lamb chops with baked penne @ Red Ant

Dude. I love lamb meat. I think I only recently became conscious of this fact. It’s just so good however you prepare it. So far in HK I’ve had lamb chops, lamb in hot pot, lamb in KBBQ, lamb dumplings, lamb skewers, lamb in stew… I am instantly drawn to anything on any menu if it has lamb in it. SO GOOD.

That is all I have to say. Yes, this entry is a scheduled post because I currently do not have Internet access in Thailand, and I know that my lack of online presence has left a void in your life. In the meanwhile, feel free to drool over and discuss the glory that is lamb meat. Back on Tuesday!

Things I do to keep myself amused while studying

A non-comprehensive list:

  • Sing Disney songs.
  • Daydream about what to do with my freedom after the exam.
  • Stare outside my window and wonder why the hell my backyard neighbour needs three satellite dishes:


  • Practice my signature.
  • Read MLIA, TFLN and FML on my phone.
  • Admire how great of a hair day I’m having, lament how there’s nobody to witness it except my family who couldn’t give two shits about the state of my coif.
  • Read things in a British accent. Everything sounds more legit with a British accent.
  • Fawn over the adorableness of Chuck & Blair and John Krasinski & Emily Blunt:
(Fictitious couple) Chuck Bass + Blair Waldorf.

(Fictitious couple) Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf

(Real-life couple) John Krasinski + Emily Blunt

(Real-life couple) John Krasinski & Emily Blunt

  • Write disapproving remarks in the margins about the textual content.
  • Experience Tetris effect without actually playing Tetris.
  • Recalculate how much reading I need to accomplish per day given the time remaining, fully aware that I’m not going to stick to schedule anyways.
  • Wonder if people actually use pipe cleaners to clean pipes.
  • Recall hilarious scenes from The Office and chuckle to myself.
  • Sketch:
I like drawing fluffy hair curls.

I like drawing fluffy hair curls.

  • Try to invent new pen-spinning techniques, drop my pen everywhere, give up, accept that I will never be as 1337 as these guys.
  • Draw anime poop in the margins of my books and label it as “gross margin”. (I know, I’m such a hoot.)
  • Make lists about things I do to keep myself amused while studying.

Further proof that Canada is lame

Universal Studios USA

Universal Studios USA

Universal Studios Canada

Universal Studios Canada

Despite being Canadian, I feel like Canada has always been a bit of a lame country. Our greatest export is Celine Dion, we have some sort of inflated pride on being a large, barren (though polite) land mass, and don’t even get me started on the weather.

Last week I had a job interview for Enbridge Gas, and across the street was the headquarters for Universal Studios Canada. I hardly noticed it, and only with a bit of squinting did I fully understand what I was looking at. This excited me for about one millisecond before I realized that it’s about the dullest office building I’ve ever seen, and Universal Music (the shorter building beside it) was equally arid, with some uninspiring banners of recording artists draped on its outside walls. No flashy signs, no palm trees, no interesting architecture, and definitely no theme park. Seriously, Canada…?

In other news, I recently just got back from camping at Sauble Beach with what was essentially the “Fellowship of ACCI“. The trip was overall a success, and I only got 2 mosquito bites while other people got none, which has to be some sort of record for camping! On Friday we arrived pretty late and had to pitch our tents in the dark. The campsites were much smaller and closer together than I expected. It wasn’t as lonely, but the whole “quiet hours” policy was a slight minus. We watched Sunny struggle with the campfire for a few hours, roasting marshmallows in the short spurts of flame he could manage.

The next morning I awoke to people walking around and kids screaming at freaking 7am!! We watched Sunny struggle with campfire #2, had a nice breakfast, and set off for the beach. Sauble water is amazingly clean (especially compared to the vat of crap that is Lake Ontario). The waves provided endless juvenile amusement, and we had a nice big section of beach to ourselves. We then explored the town a bit on foot, in search of a place to have lunch. After some grocery shopping and supply replenishment, we watched Sunny struggle with campfire #3 and had a true camp BBQ. At night, we decided to do some exploring. This was after we beered Matt enough times to make things very interesting.

On Sunday morning, we watched Sunny struggle with campfire #4, and had some huge 4-hour-long brunch thing where the guys would just grill/heat food and eat nonstop. Lily and I eventually became bored to the point that we went off exploring by ourselves. When we got back, it was time to pack up and check out. We then went canoeing down the Sauble River (sadly, T-Pain was not on our boat). It turned out to be quite enjoyable and I wish we booked the canoes for a bit longer. After that we were all pretty much pooped, so we headed home.

I’m rather impressed with the string of decent weather these past few days, so I’m trying to avoid sitting at home all day. Yesterday I went biking with Jo, and today I took a rather spontaneous trip downtown to watch District 9 and meet up with some Loo friends. District 9 wasn’t bad, but probably a bit too gory for my tastes. Tomorrow it’s rainy in the morning but hopefully I can find something to do in the afternoon when it’s supposed to be nicer.