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Obsession, please

I miss the days when I was a crazy fangirl, Googling every shred of media and information I could find, building fansites, browsing and creating my own fanart, stalking forums, digging up sheet music, hoarding official artwork…etc.

To the best of my memory, I made a list of my obsessions over the years. These might not cover everything, but if I don’t remember it, I guess I wasn’t that obsessed.

  • Grade 7-8: Digimon, Sailormoon
    I made fansites for these. The BSSM one never got anywhere, but my shrine to pretty-boy Ishida Yamato actually grew to mediocre success. No, I will never show you either of these. Of course, Sailormoon spawned fanart like no tomorrow. Just look at the artbooks! Bee-yoo-ti-ful…
  • Grade 9-10: Final Fantasy (VIII in particular)
    Still love this series, and have a metric ton of graphics/official artwork…etc on my computer.
  • Grade 11-12: Lord of the Rings (Legolas in particular)
    I drew some fanart, but I think the greatest feat was actually getting through all 3 books, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion.

  • First year: These guys, Fly to the Sky
    I loved being able to obsess over them with Lily – we each got a ‘guy’. We literally Youtubed every single performance/video we could find of them. And then made some wallpapers.

    • Minor obsessions: Collectives (you know, those uber-girly ’boutique’ domains with insanely-difficult-to-find navigation. Many are dead with the arrival of Web 2.0, but here are some pretty examples), fanlistings, Jay Chou
  • Second year: Kingdom Hearts
    Yyyyyep, more fanart :D

So you can pretty much conclude I was a typical nerd/geek. I find it sad that I don’t have anything to fangirl about these days. I haven’t played any video games of epic proportions recently, and I stopped watching anime a few years back.