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Remember me?

For some reason I decided to have a look through some of my REALLY REALLY old blog entries (you won’t find them on this site; I had to do a lookup in the Wayback Machine).  I had anticipated them being horribly-written, cringe-worthy and all-around cheeseball-y immature. Surprisingly enough, I did not feel like tucking myself in and melting away in embarrassment. Instead, it was quite the interesting experience to mentally transport myself back to my 17 or 20-year-old frame of mind and recall how I used to think about my self and the rest of the world. Even the mundane posts enlighten by giving me flashbacks into the motives and purpose of writing that entry. It sort of brought me back to why I started blogging in the first place.

It wasn’t about getting those page views, or announcing to the world every detail of my fabulously interesting life. It wasn’t about delivering news or endorsing my own schools of thought to my readers. (God knows there are millions of other blogs who do these things much better than I will ever be able to.) To me, blogging was about keeping a personal record, and having a space to jot down my thoughts and beliefs. As I was reading my archaic entries, it was fascinating to see how my thought process, expectations of life, and tone of speaking has changed over the years. It’s almost an exercise to reflect on my self-progression and assess my growth. Do I like the person I have become? Would 17 or 20-year-old Louise approve of me now? Would she have looked up to me and said “I want to be just like that”? How do my goals in life differ after all this time?

A blog/diary/journal is, in my eyes, the best possibly way that a person can honestly reflect on him/herself. Photos lie and do not provide any context. Social tools like Facebook are distorted by people cherry picking “highlights” to share. So I would like to continue blogging, if anything, for my future self.


Long time no see, my darlings! I thought it’d be a good time to change things up a bit, for a simpler (and hopefully faster-loading) theme.

It’s been busy with work and study, so there’s not too much to say, except that I’m really looking forward to post-exam time. In fact I’ve already made a list of things I would like to do this summer (but definitely not limited to):

  • Wander down Queen St West and pilfer through vintage/thrift shops
  • Have a picnic in Scarborough Bluffs (with Lunchables…omnomnom)
  • Visit High Park during cherry blossom season
  • Walk along a beach at sunset (and a lot of beach-ing in general)
  • Buy and construct a 1000+ piece puzzle
  • Play a crapload of boardgames
  • Read a ton of books I’ve been missing out on
  • Camping, including hiking pretty nature areas (campsite’s been booked already!)
  • Get a lot of exercise
  • Frequent patios just to chill
  • Go to concerts/musicals/exhibitions, as my workplace is pretty close to entertainment/theatre district

I am open to suggestions and/or interested participants in any of the above! Hope you guys are all enjoying the spring weather. Also hopefully I will have more interesting things to blog once this exam is out of the way. I am pretty much going to be a major party-pooper until then.

I got Twitter and suddenly, everything’s relevant

The last judgment

Before I joined Twitter, I never really noticed its significance on social networking. I sort of blocked it out like I did with Friendster or AsianAvenue – passing them off for another ‘internet phenomenon’ that would eventually disappear or at least fade into obscurity. But as time passed, I realized the popularity of Twitter was only growing stronger. I began to see it everywhere in the news, but didn’t fully understand how it worked. I thought, what’s the big deal?

After being a Twitterer (?) for a few months, I can finally make connections between what is mentioned in media and how it relates to me. The amount of interaction that Twitter opens up is immense, but it’s a different kind of interaction than, say, Facebook. It gives you the ability to speak your mind, provides a medium for you to deliver a message at once to people who want to hear what you have to say, and to some degree, tightens the gap between us and celebrities. The real-time blogging aspects forms connections in a different way than dated, retroactive methods. The flexibility of the Twitter API makes it easy to share across platforms and create interesting mashups. I can’t really describe the experience to someone else – you’d have to try it out for yourself, because everyone will use it in a slightly different way.

Not to say that everything is positive. The service begets the same privacy and social risks just like Facebook or MySpace. Also, it’s not as if my “tech routine” wasn’t tedious enough. I’d just be assigning myself another site to check everyday.

I think the New York Times said it best:

“Your identity on Twitter is more your ability to take an interesting conversational turn, throw an interesting bit of conversation out there. Your identity isn’t so much identified by the music you listen to and the quizzes you take,” as it is on Facebook, [said Andrea Forte]. She called Twitter “a comparatively adult kind of interaction.”

I’m certainly not a power user of Twitter, so I probably haven’t harnessed all that it has to offer. But now I do see the big deal, and have made peace with the fact that ‘tweet’ is becoming a part of my everyday vocabulary. I look forward to having more of my friends share this experience with me.

Tiny update: I stopped importing this blog feed to Facebook – my personal level of accessibility was a bit too high and that scares me…

Another update: THANKS JUSTIN for giving me another way to waste time bugging me to join Twitter.

Double dose

Of birthdays, that is. There are way too many July birthdays. On Friday I bussed back just in time for Sunny’s surprise fondue birthday party. Lily planned the whole thing and it was a success. He wasn’t so much pleasantly surprised as perhaps “constipatedly shocked”. We had fondue, BBQ’ed in the backyard, played some video games, possibly annoyed some neighbours, and it was good times all around. No alcohol for me, but some other people may or may not have had just a tad too much beer…

The next day, Lis hosted another birthday celebration, this time karaoke at Ten23. Because of all the mutual friendships, interestingly enough, it was a lot of the same people from the night before. So of course what’s there to do but have another awesome time? :) After karaoke we headed to Alice Fazooli’s for dinner. They seated us in the lounge where the live DJ was blasting music, so we had to yell at each other the whole night. Also, they messed up Tracy’s order and subsequently did not charge her anything.

I got a couple mosquito bites on Friday, which thrilled me. That signifies that it’s really SUMMER! :D To celebrate, I think a layout change is in order. I was getting sick of the duo-tone colour scheme of the previous layout. Also, I’m pretty sure something there was inhibiting my WP stats plugin from working.