Welcome to Fobulicious! My name is Louise. Thank you for stopping by my blog, where you will find pieces of my mundane life and senseless ramblings. If you clicked through here by accident, pretend you didn’t so I won’t feel bad. On this page you will find information about me, this blog, and hosting.

The Basics

I am a Chinese-Canadian living in Toronto. I have deemed myself somewhat geeky and laid back. I enjoy curling up with a book (or DS game!), reading news/blogs, drawing, being outside on a beautiful sunny day, and socializing with small groups of good friends.

My weaknesses are mini things. Mini chocolates, mini water bottles, mini/chibi anime characters, why yes, even those oh-so-snackable mini hot dogs. I am one-hundred-precently inept at cooking, knitting, hair-braiding, and most other ladylike activities for that matter. I seem to have an unnatural predilection for lists, especially bulleted ones. That is why you will probably find a lot of lists on this site, even when it doesn’t make sense to have one.

My pet peeves include horizontal scrollbars, printing one PowerPoint slide per page, and the use of ‘lol’. Unfortunately, as with death and taxes, these things are inevitable in life and I have come to accept them.

The Site

Fobulicious was mostly established as a journal, for personal reflection purposes. I will probably cringe when reading my entries years down the road, but I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I believe it’s always nice to have a memoir of the details of your life, because that’s what you will look back on most fondly. On another level, I would like for this blog to help me maintain and improve my writing abilities, and create linkages with friends and other webbies through the social aspects of blogging.

What is ‘fobulicious’? It’s a combination of ‘fobulous‘ and ‘delicious’. I really wanted my own domain and was at a loss for a name. I definitely wanted one word, and in this day and age of millions of personal homepages, I knew I’d have to make up some kind of word to be able to register it as a dot-com. So enter my lack of imagination, Asian heritage, impatience, and “creativity”.

This site has gone through many evolutions since I first started blogging on theSpoke.net (a now defunct blogging service from Microsoft). In retrospect, it was probably the worst blogging platform to begin with, but there wasn’t much choice back then. I then moved on to Windows Live Spaces (horribly cluttered and scripted), Greymatter (couldn’t stand the rebuilding time), and eventually WordPress (full of win).


I have a ton of unused space on my domain which I feel like I’m wasting, so I would love to host your site, provided that:

  • Your site has decent content and does not blind me;
  • Your site is in English or Chinese, and is not pornographic/illegal;
  • You are somewhat proficient in HTML/FTP/web design in general; and
  • You are not psycho.

Please keep in mind that meeting the criteria does not guarantee hosting, as there might be other subjective factors I need to consider. But if I agree to host you, you will get:

  • A lot of space. A LOT. Trust me. (Bandwidth we’ll discuss only if issues arise);
  • A sexy subdomain – http://you.fobulicious.com;
  • All the yummyness that comes with hosting – blogs, forums, FTP, PHP support, MySQL, email…etc; and
  • An awesome hostess :)

If you’re still interested (or have additional questions), drop me a line with your site address.

Happy browsing!