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I really enjoy Mad Men. Everyone knows the premise: employees of a New York advertising agency do stuff in the 60’s. But what is it really about? What are these people trying to accomplish here? What’s the end goal? Who are the good guys and bad guys? Why am I giddy when I get to watch this show, even though I have no idea what it’s about?? Why am I asking all these questions??!?!?!?!!

I think the reason why I keep watching is because it makes me feel uncomfortable.* Not like being-touched-by-a-creeper uncomfortable. Like unsettled uncomfortable. ¬†Our innate desire for closure and relatability is exploited. We want to rationalize and connect everything that happens on this show, but some things are seemingly baseless. Not everything ties together nicely, and it leaves me wondering “Ok? Well…? Soooo…….then what??”.

But such is life. Some things are inexplicable, people are irrational, and that’s okay. Love this show.

*Disclosure: the other reason why I keep watching is for the pretty sets and wardrobe :D