Remember me?

For some reason I decided to have a look through some of my REALLY REALLY old blog entries (you won’t find them on this site; I had to do a lookup in the Wayback Machine).  I had anticipated them being horribly-written, cringe-worthy and all-around cheeseball-y immature. Surprisingly enough, I did not feel like tucking myself in and melting away in embarrassment. Instead, it was quite the interesting experience to mentally transport myself back to my 17 or 20-year-old frame of mind and recall how I used to think about my self and the rest of the world. Even the mundane posts enlighten by giving me flashbacks into the motives and purpose of writing that entry. It sort of brought me back to why I started blogging in the first place.

It wasn’t about getting those page views, or announcing to the world every detail of my fabulously interesting life. It wasn’t about delivering news or endorsing my own schools of thought to my readers. (God knows there are millions of other blogs who do these things much better than I will ever be able to.) To me, blogging was about keeping a personal record, and having a space to jot down my thoughts and beliefs. As I was reading my archaic entries, it was fascinating to see how my thought process, expectations of life, and tone of speaking has changed over the years. It’s almost an exercise to reflect on my self-progression and assess my growth. Do I like the person I have become? Would 17 or 20-year-old Louise approve of me now? Would she have looked up to me and said “I want to be just like that”? How do my goals in life differ after all this time?

A blog/diary/journal is, in my eyes, the best possibly way that a person can honestly reflect on him/herself. Photos lie and do not provide any context. Social tools like Facebook are distorted by people cherry picking “highlights” to share. So I would like to continue blogging, if anything, for my future self.

3 thoughts on “Remember me?”

  1. It’s true! I sorta regret deleting all my older posts, but I was a very angry teenager and cringed when I read some of my older stuff.

  2. Interesting insight, Louise.
    I’ve been looking backwards into my posts as well while coming up with a design for a personal portfolio. Needless to say, the same thoughts occurred to me as well. Aside from being fascinating, it was also quite embarrassing too!

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