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Miss Sardonic

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some artwork. This one was actually started in 2006, and out of boredom, I decided to add some touch ups, scan, and colour it. Man I have got to get a tablet or something.

I hope I can blog some more interesting content once I start work. These days have mostly consisted of rolling around in bed until noon (I’m sick again), and whining about how much I need to study yet still not doing so. I did get to participate in an unofficial gingerbread making contest on Saturday at a friend’s house. It was girls vs. boys, and anytime you have battle of the sexes, obviously girls are going to win. We chose to make Snoopy’s dog house, while the guys attempted London Bridge (photos stolen from Justin):

Note the Snoopy & Woodstock chilling on top!

Oh dear.

Before you ask, yes, the title of this entry is borrowed from Taylor Swift’s latest single. I am so in love with her album. You should go listen to it. Nowwwwww.

Happy holidays everyone!