What now?

A couple days ago I changed my phone number, from 519 area code (Waterloo) to 416 (Toronto). Of course, there were technical difficulties with the process but I won’t get into that. It seems that the undergraduate chapter of my life has finally reached completion.

I’ve tasked myself with the simple deed of finding work. It’s rather amazing how complex the application process has evolved into. There was a time when you just submitted your cover letter and CV to a manager, and if you’re a serious contender, go in for an interview. Now, hiring policies encompass everything from having to register for online applications, tracking down references, answering essay-type questions, standardizing tests such as cases, multiple interview rounds, Superdays, and probably an arm wrestle or two. Yes, the point of interviews is to “assess fit” and “determine suitability”, but some of these endurance marathons feel like an evaluation of how deep corporate can rip apart your soul before you crumble into grains of despair, and the extent to which you’d fellate HR’s middle finger.

So far the job hunt has not exactly been kind to me, and it’s making me restless because I can’t stand sitting at home all day with nothing to do. The guilt of unproductivity has actually been a great motivator for me to get other things done like cleaning up around the house, organizing my finances, and just all-around consolidation of my life. This lack of interesting things to do has also provided me with an abundance of time to sit and think. Think about my next challenge to myself.

The world is shrinking, there’s so much going on, and it takesĀ a lot more to understand things.

3 thoughts on “What now?”

  1. you said it, you’re cleaning your house, why not clean other people’s house? you know, be like a philipino maid. lol.

    perhaps you’ve been in HK too long. you lost the sharpness and the competitiveness of North America.

    what do you study? if you study art or something then you should just give up life. if it’s computer or accounting then you’ll get a relatively high paid job very soon ;)

  2. Can’t be a Filipino maid if I’m not Filipino now can I?

    On the contrary, I’ve probably been in North America too long – HK is 10x more competitive and intense, I wouldn’t want to work there. I think some of the reason might be that part of me doesn’t really want to be employed. It’s like I still can’t believe I’m finished school.

    I studied math/finance. I think I gotta aim a little lower…for now.

  3. you can still be a CHINESE maid! but we all know that chinese maids don’t do as a good job as philipino maids.

    no one wants to be employed, but think about the money, and the things you can do/buy with that.

    you don’t have to aim lower. you just have to aim at the right spot. finding the perfect job is like shooting a target. if you aim too low, or high, or left/right, you won’t get it.

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