Let’s talk about summer

Woodbine Beach. Image credit to Mattie

How is it August already? I’ll be wrapping up my studies in a few weeks. Lectures are long over, and I’ve already written my first final exam. It’s pretty amazing how fast summer term whizzes by, especially when you’ve missed the first three weeks of lectures.

So what’s next? I’m a little itching to get a job and start work. I got my time to dawdle around Hong Kong, and it’s time for some stabilization, at least for now. July was pretty fun – there were so many birthdays, I’ve become shit broke.┬áStill, I’m looking forward to having a proper “summer vacation” like last year during the last few weeks in August.

What did you do right after undergrad?

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7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about summer”

  1. @Kevin: =_= What can I say… illiterate college grads are rampant these days :P

    @Yen: Korea too?? Seems like you basically went for the places in Asia with the best food. Nothing wrong with that!

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