Ode to Hong Kong

Image credit to Janice

Shimmering waters along the harbour
Reflect dazzling lights
Eponymous fragrance fills the air
Of a breezy Hong Kong night

I knew it was then
Didn’t have to be told
I fell in love with the city
Heartbeats unfold

Cadences of colour
Weigh down on the streets
Where the crowds blend
Where beauty and chaos meet

Tall and proud structures
Marvelous sights
Tastes inspiring your senses
Let passion ignite

Navigating the streets
On that first night with Karen
Looking for a quick bite to grab
But Sassoon is inexplicably barren

In nightfall ritual at HKU
Student halls run amuck
Hollering resounds from pride and spirit
Or a mahjong player out of luck

Restless nights go on forever
But swiftly birds bring in the day
I begin to grasp the city and its people
Its stride, beat, and sway

Guys and girls alike
Purchasing all that is cute
Check for stray hairs on any reflective surface
Glass, iPhones, Danny’s shiny suit

Christian’s abs are hungry
John steers us to excellent food
After savouring every morsel
We are in the karaoke mood

Pushing and squeezing on the MTR
Can’t help it, random bodies collide
Greasy dude in the corner steals a glance
Of Swee Lee’s scandalous backside

Life explodes everywhere
Hop on a double-decked bus
Taxis after-hours in abundance
LKF’s got nothing on us

Loitering in Causeway with Connie
Amidst a sea of price tags
It’s 4am at the library
Janice is still on 9GAG

Regal estates sprinkled in Repulse Bay
Show off their meticulous design
But glaring disparity looms above
Mong Kok’s blinding neon signs

In search of breathtaking vistas
Drag your feet past that hundredth step
Jacqueline exclaims “nice, eh!”
Upon reward of the uphill trek

Picturesque fishing villages frozen in time
Charming for a quiet stroll somewhere
Rolling viridian misty mountains
Provide a breath of fresh air

Back in the bustling, tireless city
Gleaming Lambos roar down the tunnel
Among aunties enrobed in LV
White collar elites spill out of Central

There once was a girl
Exhausted from boredom
Traveled halfway around the globe
To breath life into the forlorn

Took a plunge head-first
Look what I found
Companions, adventures, memories
Mosquito bites I can’t even count

Five months flew past
Time to part ways
I’ve learned so much from every experience
Grateful for every single day

It’s not really goodbye
Because we will meet again
No need for final adieus
Between us, my friend

Take these joy-filled moments
In ink, pour unto the sturdiest vellum
All that you have gained
Everything you wish to tell them

There’s something about this city
That makes you never forget
An excitable kind of warmth
Fills you like a touch so secret

Of this half year thus lived
I cherish the mundane
Vibrant and romantic
Hong Kong, my heart remains