Lunar New Year Fair

Being in Hong Kong at this time of the year is a blessing, as I got to experience the Chinese New Year (CNY) festivities first-hand. A few weeks ago was the Lunar New Year Fair at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. It’s like the Night Market in Toronto, but 50 times bigger, and they sell all sorts of (useless) things. This year, of course, there was a lot of tiger merchandise. It’s also known as the ”Night Market” or “Flower Market” because CNY usually falls around Valentine’s Day, just in time for you to spend even more money on loved ones.



Epically battled through the crowd...

... just to arrive at more crowds.

Begin mass tiger merchandise. Most things were being sold by students, many from HKU.

Inside is a McNugget-shaped cushion (you can see part of it at the bottom)

Fake Cadbury and "Coco-Cola"

Fruit kebab dipped in sugar water and frozen. We thought it was strawberries. 'Twas not.

Gigantic Chupa-chups! Good for hammering people.

Tiger Surprise. I think it's a cushion?

Frosted Flakes are called 'Frosties' here, but the dollar-signed eyes kind of sends a bad message to kids.

The tigers ate the koalas.

Making sugar cane drinks. I had one, never tasted anything so fresh!

Of course, there is the ‘flower’ part of ‘Flower Market’. These booths took up about half the venue, and I think were just family-run.

Beautiful orchids

Carnations? Chrysanthemums? Not sure... I shall call them Poofies.

Daffodils cuz it's SPRING!

I don't even know...

Mahjong cushions!

This is so-called 'American-style fried coke'. I'm positive they have this all over America.

Chang fen with peanut sauce and other sauces...YUMMMM

Gigantic bubble-wrap-esque egg waffles!! Notice 'buy 2 get 1 free'. Because two of these gigantic things just ain't enough.

I used to love those tiny cookies with the colourful icing as a kid. Haven't seen them in years.

Coca-Cola people serving street food. Weird.

Next up, CNY Fireworks!

6 thoughts on “Lunar New Year Fair”

  1. That “Fruit kebab” was so nasty. I didn’t know it was full of seeds inside, so once I took a bite, my teeth hurt! And spitting the seeds out was annoying.

  2. @Fa: Yea I was disappointed. It wasn’t that good. Next time I’m gonna try a strawberry one!

    @Krishna: No idea, I just think Asians are amused by blown-up things, or mini things (eg. those erasers shaped like mini food).

  3. I’m pretty sure they sit a lot less than we do. People are always out and about. I don’t know why so many cushions… good question. =?

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