Greetings from HK

I’ve been in Hong Kong for almost¬†three weeks now so it’s probably a good time to jot down how I’ve found things so far. Rewinding back to day one, my flight was rather uneventful,¬†which is probably a good thing. I flew from Toronto to Hong Kong with a two-hour layover in San Francisco. By the time I got here and moved in, it was almost 10pm and I was pooped. I live in a residence which I am convinced they used to incarcerate people in. Like maybe students who have performed some horrendous deed in order to be subjected to such atrocious living conditions.

(Note: This post is very graphics-intensive. Also please ignore the dates on the photos in this post. I didn’t bother setting up the camera properly.)

My residence is in this area. If my building was taller I'd be able to see the water

The view from my room. Ya. A hospital.

Ok that might be a slight exaggeration. I came in with low expectations and it met my low expectations. The facilities are all old and gross. Compared to UWP, it is, in politically correct terms, a shithole. In fact, living here has made me appreciate UWP so much more. I have cut my shower time down to 10 minutes because that’s when the hot water runs out. I have also accepted the fact that I will be greeted with a stream of freezing cold water for washing my face/hands because there is no hot water in the sink taps.

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Holidays 2009

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. It felt rather short for me, but mainly because I spent most of the first week just sitting at home. Many people have already gone back to school or back to work, and I’m pretty much all packed and ready for departure. I’ll be going to bed soon for 3-4 hours then heading to the airport.

Starting on the Sunday right after Boxing Day, I accomplished a feat that is not easily attained – I met up with Charmaine 6 days in a row. That is my achievement for the holidays. And maybe reading & watching Twilight. In any case, here is a recap of my comings and goings over the last week or so, in bullet format, because you know you love bullet points (with horrific grammar) just as much as I do.

  • Dec 27th: Pacific Mall for lunch, walked around P-Mall, got bored of P-Mall, went to Vaughan Mills, bought shoes, broke.
  • Dec 28th: Downtown for dinner, watched Avatar in 3D, mind got blown.
  • Dec 29th: Brunch at Cora with friends, dinner party hosted by co-worker who served us a delicious full-course meal.
  • Dec 30th: P-Mall area again to take care of banking-related issues and chill over bubble tea.
  • Dec 31th – Jan 1st: NYE party at Lily’s house, made dumplings, rang in the New Year playing the most intense 3-hour game of Monopoly ever.
  • Jan 2nd: One last dinner and karaoke with some of my favourite people before the term begins.

Finally I’d like to wish everyone the best of luck in 2010, and definitely help me stay updated via blogging/Twittering/MSNing/Facebooking/Google Waving/morse coding madder than ever before.