It feels like summer

Summer activities

I finished my last exam on Tuesday. After a couple days of post-exam de-stressing (aka bumming around) in Waterloo, I moved out on Thursday evening. As I still haven’t found a job yet, I don’t even know when my summer might end. If things go according to plan, I should have around 2-3 weeks. And I am determined to not waste this lovely pocket of time, as they do not come often.

Yesterday I went to the beach. We arrived close to 3pm and it was blazing hot. In fact it was impossible for me to stand barefoot on the sand without jumping around. We lay around soaking up the sun, and played a bit of football and volleyball (except all the courts were taken so we could only play keep-up). By then it was still really hot, so we thought we’d take a dip in the water. Lake Ontario is super gross. We saw band-aids and feathers and other indistinguishable debris floating around on the surface. But the water was just so damn refreshingly cool. We played some more football/vball in the lake. Of course, passing the ball soon turned into ‘aim the ball into the water directly beside someone so they get splashed by the disgusting water’. Which then later became ‘strand Matt in the middle of the lake because he’s a certified lifeguard’. The last bit wasn’t very successful, though there was a fair amount of chasing and contact lense crises involved.

After we decided we had been contaminated enough by the water, we held an impromptu BBQ in Matt’s backyard. We played some Xbox and chilled a bit more. By the time I got back I was exhausted and easily fell asleep. I love days like that. I’m looking forward to camping on Friday. We’re going up to Sauble Beach for 3 days, so that should be really interesting. Hopefully we can find a camcorder of some sort so we can document our adventures.

I’m mighty jealous of my friends who are able to jet off to Asia or Europe or even just the States/Vancouver. Hopefully this Christmas break I will be able to take a real vacation. For now, all I can do is enjoy what I have here. Back in December, I was able to engage in many “wintry” activities, so I want to make the most of my summer “break” too :)

It feels slightly weird to not have anything on my plate. For some reason I’m not too worried about my job hunt, and CFA is still a long ways off. After two study terms in a row, I miss the hectic life of being in school (perverse thinking, I know). There’s always something to do, something to aim for in the short term. Most of the time it’s just to survive the week. I guess I just need to be kept busy. There’s no better feeling than the sense of accomplishment.

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