The Meaning of Life

Life! Awesome.

They say we should enjoy life to the fullest, savour every moment, live like there’s no tomorrow. And the arguments are there – you only have one life to live, you’re only young once, and everyone has the right to happiness.

So why is it that we’re all swarming to higher education, multiple designations, and office drone jobs? For some, knowledge is their virtue. They truly enjoy learning, and derive immense value from education. But for the majority, it’s another form of torture we subject ourselves to, in hopes of gaining higher returns later on in life. Everyone wants to succeed and flourish. Is that the greed and selfishness reflected in human nature? Or is it just the path society has paved for us, upon which we are expected to follow?

How should life be lived? Should we make the best of everything now, because there may be no tomorrow, or should we work our hardest now to luxuriate in life later, because there is no joy without sacrifice?

One thought on “Ambiguity”

  1. Ideally you want to do something you enjoy. You need to turn work into something fun. That way when you are at work you enjoy life, when you are away from work you enjoy life with the comfort of friends and family.

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