Completely appropriate shounen-ai

I do not endorse pedophilia.

I do not endorse pedophilia.

This is somewhat random, but here’s a drawing I completed a while back. It’s Edward Elric and Roy Mustang from FMA. Edward’s pretty fun to draw, but I can’t say the same for Roy. His simple character design is actually quite misleading. It took me a long time to perfect the symmetry of his face. But damn, I love his eyes. Done in pencil and darkened in Photoshop, and I have added it to my gallery.

I have no idea how this idea popped into my head. I don’t read fanfics, nor am I a fan of shounen-ai/Roy x Ed. I guess I just wanted an excuse to draw them. So basically, Roy totally knows what he’s doing, and Ed is somewhat annoyed by the outward display, but clearly is not resisting. Also, yes, that is Winry and Hawkeye in the background, bawling their eyes out. Sorry girls :P

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