And there it goes

I wrote my last exam of the term this morning, and now I’m back home in Toronto. I don’t get much of a break, though. I have to drag my ass back to the Loo for spring on Sunday. It really sucks. But wow, it’s been one hell of a term. Work hard and play hard all the way. In fact I think every term has been getting progressively more interesting.

The last 3 or so weeks have been a living hell for me, but somehow I got through it. I wrote my exam in the morning, then went for lunch with two of my favourite people :) I love how the weather was awesome; it really does lift your mood. We finally left for Toronto around 6pm, and arrived close to 8. My plans for this week are: chilling, chilling, Niagara Falls, chilling, back to Loo. I haven’t slept in about 32hrs, so I might possibly be pounding gibberish on my keyboard. And now I must go pass out on my bed.

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