And there it goes

I wrote my last exam of the term this morning, and now I’m back home in Toronto. I don’t get much of a break, though. I have to drag my ass back to the Loo for spring on Sunday. It really sucks. But wow, it’s been one hell of a term. Work hard and play hard all the way. In fact I think every term has been getting progressively more interesting.

The last 3 or so weeks have been a living hell for me, but somehow I got through it. I wrote my exam in the morning, then went for lunch with two of my favourite people :) I love how the weather was awesome; it really does lift your mood. We finally left for Toronto around 6pm, and arrived close to 8. My plans for this week are: chilling, chilling, Niagara Falls, chilling, back to Loo. I haven’t slept in about 32hrs, so I might possibly be pounding gibberish on my keyboard. And now I must go pass out on my bed.

Approaching infinity



It’s been snowing for the past two days. That’s pretty crazy, considering 3 days ago, people were wandering around campus in shorts. I never thought I’d have to bust out my winter boots before October again.

So lectures have officially ended, and I am moving into the final exams phase where I no longer keep track of what day of the week it is. I’m pretty pooped out from everything – the work, the parties…etc, so I’m glad things are quieting off and people are buckling down for exams. Looking back, this term has been really emotional. I’ve had some very high highs and low lows. I know it’s the same for a lot of other people too, especially the ones who are graduating. I couldn’t imagine if I had to graduate right now… I don’t feel ready at all.

I’m really going to miss a number of special friends who’ve been by my side this term. It’s not like I’ll never see them again, but it’s just not the same when they’re not within arm’s reach. Good thing next term is spring though; if I had to go through a cold, long winter without these people, I’m afraid I might actually fall into chronic depression. Anyways, I should stop being emo. Summers are always fun, beautiful, and full of surprises, and I owe it to myself to enjoy everything.

Ahhh back to studying CS…