She looks like she's having fun

She looks like she's having fun

Recently there has been a void in my life. It just felt like something was missing. After endless nights a few minutes of soul-searching, I realized it was shopping. I haven’t shopped since Boxing Day. It’s not like I really need to buy anything, but I miss the nonsensical indulgence of a little purchasing power. There are some birthdays coming up, so maybe I can satiate my retail needs over Reading Week.

School has been very shitty the past few weeks. I have a CO370 midterm on Thursday and I just can’t motivate myself to study because the course material is so damn perplexing. It’ll take me 30min and 10 re-reads to figure out a single constraint in a linear program. We started future income taxes in accounting, and I don’t understand it. Whoever the hell came up with all these rules and policies for accounting must have hated business students.

Last night I went out for dinner with Lis, Wes and Kelv. We went to Miju, a Korean restaurant in the plaza at King/University. As we walked in, I saw a guy carrying a bunch of menus. I thought he worked there, so I told him that we had 4 people. He didn’t say anything but walked straight to his table. Turns out he was a customer. Yes, sometimes I am just too awesome.

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