That time of the term

We are about two months into the school term, so it’s about that time again, when you’re bombarded with midterms and assignments and realize that you haven’t actually learned shit in any of your courses. And then you wonder why you signed up to put yourself through 4-5 years of this bullcrap, while funding the torture with your parents’ life savings.

I really have nothing to look forward to anymore. I went into the year thinking the courses this term weren’t so bad (except accounting; I am always deathly afraid of accounting), but no. CO has been about as pleasant as an elephant shitting on your face, and my recent stats midterm mark was like a bitchslap from left field (the slap bet kind… it comes when you least expect it). Also, WLU managed to screw me over again (surprise!) with their exam schedule. I now have an exam conflict, and an exam after the last day of my residence contract, so I could quite possibly be homeless in Waterloo for a couple days at the end of April. In addition, this exam has interfered with my vacation planning, so that went out the window. I haven’t even been able to hit the gym for about three weeks.

In summary, I’m essentially failing 3/5 courses, I have no social life, I get depressed just thinking about finals, I feel like a slob, and I have a fashion show to attend in about 10 hours. I hope the afterparty serves a LOT of alcohol. Freaking hell.

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