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Cant live without em

Can't live without 'em

Yesterday I went downtown to have lunch with a couple of friends who were co-oping in the area. I met up with Yuan, and we went up to the 8th floor of the Bay (flagship store on Queen St). I had never even noticed the Bay had 8 floors, much less gone up there, so I blindly followed. The elevator doors opened to reveal the elegant and classy Arcadian Court restaurant. Tucked away behind it was Cityview Cafe, which was our destination. It’s a self-serve cafeteria-style eatery, and I got a veal lunch complete with sides, drink and dessert for less than $9. In keeping with its namesake, the view was pretty awesome, if you were lucky enough to get a window seat. Wei joined us a bit later and snapped random shots with his new camera. In conclusion, that place is a winner in my book.

After lunch I went shopping by myself. I managed to pick up almost everything I needed, including birthday presents and cleansers. Then I embraced my inner shopaholic and possibly went a bit too liberal with my purchases. After shopping, I met up with Evelyn, Joanne, Fred, Vincy, and HP and we had dinner at Korean Grill House. I had Korean ribs in kimchi noodle soup and OMG I’m salivating just thinking about it right now…

Today I had a dental appointment in the morning. Our family dentist is on the second floor of Pacific Mall. I avoid P-Mall at all costs, and left as soon as possible. It was really cold today, but the wind was blowing east, so I decided to walk home. I felt pretty gross for over-indulging myself and not hitting the gym at all this week. It took me around 30 minutes which wasn’t so bad.

A couple hours later, I met up with Char at Goldhawk Park library for no reason other than lack of good hang out spot. Unfortunately I think we both forgot that it was a school night, so around 4pm, all the kids started filtering in. But instead of the kids bothering us, it was more like vice versa. I’m pretty sure the girl sitting beside me doing her gr. 10 science homework didn’t really appreciate our incessant chattering and random shrieking.

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