I do nothing on weekends

I accomplish nothing on weekends. I have two full days to do work, chores, or run errands. But I can never get anything productive done. This past weekend, I was supposed to finish some of my CO assignment and start studying for my stats term test, both due on the 6th. Instead, on Friday night I ended up over-napping, doing some yoga, went karaoke-ing, and then clubbing. I must say REV was pretty fun. It would’ve been better if it wasn’t freezing outside though.

On Saturday I woke up in the afternoon, went over to Jinhui’s place, and somehow just whittled the whole day away. At night, we decided we should start working on the CASA Charity Fashion Show (CCFS) programme. Okay, backtrack. This year is the first annual CCFS. The fashion show used to be a part of Lunarfest at UW, but they wanted to make it bigger and better. It’s been a while since I’ve done extra-curricular things, so I thought, what the hey, let’s try out for model auditions. I responded to the casting call back in November, and somehow got selected. Then they asked me if I could help out with marketing/graphic design, and I said sure. So yes, I will be performing in the show and also designing the programme. If you are interested in seeing me publicly humiliate myself, buy your ticket now! It’s for charity :) Seriously, it is, because nobody (directors, choreographers…etc) is getting paid for anything, and I’m pretty impressed as to the amount of time and effort the organizers have put into this.

In any case, that’s what I worked on with Jinhui on Saturday night. We finished super-late, because we had to present our ideas the next day at the Marketing team meeting. The meeting was super-long and unproductive. We didn’t decide on anything. I had rehearsals before and after the meeting, but the whole ordeal took about 4hrs for me. After that, we went for dinner and came home, and I went to sleep a couple hours later, after playing with KuGou, a pretty damn awesome music downloading application. Its main appeal for me is that when you play a song, it will automatically search for lyrics in its database and display them karaoke-style. I’m currently impressed as to how many songs it found lyrics for, especially new English releases, or the old, obscure, Chinese traditional songs. Anyways it’s generally a good application for finding new Chinese/English/Jap/Korean stuff. The file management aspects could be a little better…

So this brings us to today. I swear I was meaning to go to my morning CO class, but I completely slept through my alarm. Got up at 2pm, went to accounting, and now just waiting for some people so we can go out to dinner. In conclusion, weekend = zero accomplishment. SIGH.

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