I have a question

And it’s not a very intelligent one either, so run away now if you hate ignorance. My question is about British pop singers. So you have singers like the Spice Girls and Leona Lewis. When they sing, you can mistake them for any western artist. On the other hand, you have someone like Lily Allen – in her songs, you can hear a completely distinct English accent. I was wondering why? How come Lily puts in an accent but Leona doesn’t? Is it intentional? I don’t get it. Can anyone tell me why? Redford, I would love your insight.

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  1. lol, :(

    My best guess is that singing longer notes will reduce the effect of the accent that you have.

    Lily Allen’s songs tend to be a little faster paced, as she does this little singing rap thing, her verses sound British but the choruses that she has tend to be less recognizably British. This also makes sense because accents come from the way people pronounce words (usually with a different emphasis on different parts of the word e.g. aLU-min-um vs ALU-MIN-ium), so rapping would show off the accent more than singing, which would require people emphasize sounds and elongate parts of the word based on melody and not speech patterns.


  2. That last “it” just randomly appears, I think I was going to go for a second paragraph, but didn’t bother, but forgot about it.

  3. Thanks Red, my brain has been satiated. Your explanation makes sense to me. Wait, I can’t believe you never listened to Spice Girls. Where were you in grade 5???! On a side note, Lily Allen annoys me.

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